We provide flagpoles made of black steel and
stainless steel.

Black steel flagpoles are painted with base coat and double coated with final paint.
Stainless steel flagpoles are metallic.

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Flagpole foot

The foot of the flagpole is filled with concrete which provides stability to the structure.


The flagpoles are flexible, and extremely stable, regardless of the weather conditions.

Telescopic element

The telescopic element for lowering and raising the flag prevents unauthorized use of the flagpole and disables the possibility of theft.


Internal mechanism is made with a rotating head that allows the flag to be clearly visible, taut, constantly open and to turn slightly in the wind direction.


You get a long-term warranty with proper flagpole maintenance


Turning in the wind direction (360 degrees) allows the flag to be constantly open.


Standard flagpole height varies from 6m to 12m, we are also able to produce custom designs and heights.

L bracket

Standardly, the L-bracket is attached to the flagpole in at least 3 places, which ensures a firm connection between the flag and the pole.